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Baroque Hardwood Flooring 

Representing everyday luxury, Baroque hardwood flooring is made to manage your busy life, one day at a time. Carefully engineered to handle everyday accidents, Baroque hardwood is the perfect option for those who enjoy high style and sturdy reassurance. With a vast array of options suitable for both commercial and residential interiors, Baroque hardwood is fittingly named for the historical period where fine art became accessible to the masses. Bringing beauty into everyday life, Baroque is sustainably harvested. These stunning planks are finished using hardwoods from the brand’s own forests, with very limited production lines with very little overhead costs. The end result is some serious savings passed on to you, the consumer, who can, in turn, enjoy all of the latest hardwood looks for less. 

Whatever type of hardwood you decide on, you can rest assured that Baroque’s hardwood flooring products have all the best solutions to common flooring dilemmas and challenges. There are traditional and exotic hardwood options, both in solid and engineered planks. 

Baroque hardwood truly stands alone due to unique features, such as: 

Diamond-tough finish guards against scratches and dents
Engineered planks constructed in a unique cross-grain pattern, which prevents warping and bending as the years pass 
Variations in plank width, thickness, and length allow you to fully customize your design and space
Many different finishing options offered, ranging from wire-brushed to ultra-glossy. 

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 At Modern Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re proud to carry a full line of fine Baroque hardwood flooring in our Annapolis, MD retail center. Our onsite experts are always happy to advise you on the best ways to add a touch of Baroque to your favorite interiors.  


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