Carpet Trends

Stay on trend with our top carpet styles, colors, and brands

Top Carpet Trends

Carpet flooring comes in many styles and designs. There are many trends that have stood the test of time and will continue to be popular. Interior design professionals know that certain trends have remained in style for years, not so much because they stand out aesthetically, but because they work in almost every situation.  

Cut Pile vs Closed Loop

Cut pile carpet is popular with people who like the look and feel of that type of flooring. Closed loop carpet, however, not only looks good, it has the advantage of being able to hide dirt and not show wear. Because of its tighter weave and more compact construction, it is less likely to show paths that come from high volumes of foot traffic. It also will not appear to mat down or become worn. It's ability to hide dirt makes it a favorite for both commercial properties as well as homes where small children are constantly running about.  

Living Room Carpet Color

The color of carpeting that is chosen for a room will most often be determined by the rooms use. Family oriented rooms will often be painted in colors that are neutral and easy to match to several different accent colors. A neutral base color will go with almost any other color or tint, balancing a room and making it visually appealing. Tans, browns, grays and different variations of white can be used as a backdrop for almost any color scheme. 

Carpet Design Ideas

Carpets can be purchased in solid colors or with a variety of patterns. Patterned carpeting is extremely popular because of its ability to hide dirt. The pattern of a carpet can be used to establish the rest of the rooms decor. Variations of the colors in the carpeting can be used as accents throughout the room, such as pillow, picture frames and throw rugs. 
Carpet trends often follow the "tried and true" rule. If it has been tried and it works in different situations and still remained true when it comes to look and feel, it is a choice that is well worth considering.

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