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How is Ceramic Tile Made?

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Ceramic Floor Tile in Annapolis, MD. 

Ceramic tile is a flooring option suited for many places around your home. Ceramic tile is not even just for your floor, it can be used on your walls, countertops and more. Ceramic tiles are made from natural materials such as sand, clay and other materials. Tiles are long lasting and easy to maintain.

How is Ceramic Tile Made?

Tiles are formed into shapes and consequently fired under high heat. They can be fired with or without a glaze that will impact their color and texture. A glaze will also impact the wear resistance of a tile. But, these variations mean that there are so many options for tile designs, since between shape, size and color, the possibilities are endless!

Wondering why to go with glazed over unglazed, or vice versa? Glazed tiles are more common for residential settings. The glaze leaves tiles with a hard and non-porous top which improves the tile’s resistance to water and stains. Unglazed tiles are well suited to high traffic areas and are often used in commercial areas because of that.

Although tile is a common choice for outdoor applications, ceramic tile is actually too porous to be used in changing weather. If you’re looking for outdoor tile for a pathway, pool border, exterior design or more, choose porcelain or stone.

Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Tile’s other benefits include its durability, fade resistance, and hypoallergenic properties. This means if you’re looking to fill a high traffic, sunny room in a home with allergy-prone family members, tile is the perfect match! Tile is also fireproof and can be used as a fireplace border, and glazed tiles are waterproof and can be used to line showers, tubs or sinks. Tile is meant to last, and so you can rest assured that properly maintained ceramic tile flooring will stay great for a long while.

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