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For homeowners with soft surface flooring comfort is the most important quality. Having a rough carpet or rug is pointless. However, at our Modern Carpet One Floor & Home showroom we have a wide selection of soft surface flooring. Including, wool rugs, natural rug fibers, and carpets for every style. No longer do you need to pick between comfort and style. At Modern Carpet One, we even have the latest carpet technologies for stain resistance. 

To learn more about all of our soft surface products read more below. 

Carpet Trends & Brands

  • Trends: Carpet flooring comes in many styles and designs. 

Top Rug Brands

  • Top 5 Living Room Rug Ideas: Pair you hardwood floor with an area rug.

  • Manufactured Rugs: At Modern Carpet One we are here to help you find the best rug for your home, based on looks and comfort. 

  • Wool Carpet: Wool carpets go back a long time, and wool still stands to be the most popular fiber used in the construction of area rugs today. 

  • Sisal Wool Rugs: Some might be wondering what separates a rug from a RUG, and the difference is Sisal. 

Carpet Tips

  • Carpet Fading: Maintaining your carpet properly is a way to reduce carpet fading and damage through the years.

Top Stair Runner Brands