Tips to Prevent Carpet from Fading

prevent carpet fadingMaintaining your carpet properly is a way to reduce carpet fading and damage through the years--extending the life of carpet regardless of the style and type you have in your home. Knowing how to prevent carpet from fading is essential when attempting to keep your carpet for years to come. As soon as carpet is exposed to natural lighting it begins to fade. However, the more you pay attention to your carpet, the easier it is to gauge what steps to take in order to prevent further fading or potentially reverse the effect.  

Prevent Your Carpet from Fading 

Blocking out natural sunlight from any areas of the home that have carpet is ideal to keep it from fading out too soon, especially in rooms that are not as heavy in traffic. Draw blinds when gone during the day or during peak hours when areas of your home receive the most sunlight. Use sunlight protectors on windows within rooms of your home that receive the most light to minimize the damage done to your carpet over time. 

Tips to Clean Carpet While Preventing Fading

Preventing carpet fading is possible with the right carpet cleaning tactics that keep the floor in the best condition possible, regardless of stains and spills. Although spilling accidents happen, cleaning them as quickly as possible is key to preventing a fade spot or permanent stain on your floor. Blotting out spills is the best method to begin with any time you have a spill in your home. Use cold water to blot up additional liquid in the carpet while you avoid wiping the stain deeper into the material. Use a wet vac if possible to bring up any remaining water once you have cleaned the stain.