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Beige carpet with orange Mid Century Modern chair.

Carpet in Annapolis, MD

Carpet sets the stage for never-ending comfort, color, and style. With endless possibilities and potential, carpet flooring comes in thousands of options, making it a breeze to accent your residential or commercial space.


 At Modern Carpet One Floor & Home in Annapolis, MD, we can guide you towards carpet geared towards nearly any space, style, budget, or functional need.


We have everything from fully waterproof and stain-resistant options to luxurious plush that always makes an impact.



What Types of Carpet Are There?

When it comes to carpet, there’s always something new and exciting right around the corner.


A close and careful inventory of your family’s activities, lifestyle, and budget will help you make the best decisions.


Generally, the five major types of carpet pile you’ll encounter in our store are level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush. Each has its own unique traits and benefits.


Carpet fibers, which we often refer to as “pile,” are the threads that hold your carpet together and play a major role in how your new rug will look, feel, wear, and perform. They can be synthetic or natural.







Why Would I Want a Wool Carpet?

Wool is a natural carpet fiber that can be easily dyed, leaving options for endless looks.


Used in both area rugs and wall-to-wall carpet, wool is a durable carpet fiber due to its natural crimp and elasticity which allows it to endure constant wear and compression. It’s resistant to crushing and matting, retaining its appearance for longer. 


Wool is naturally energy efficient. It traps air between its fibers making it a great insulator. Considered a hypoallergenic fiber, wool carpets naturally eliminate pollutants and allergens and can trap dust and allergens that aggravate allergies. It’s also soil-resistant, stain-resistant, and flame-resistant.



But What if I Plan to Get a Puppy?

While no carpet is completely stain-proof, today’s stain-resistant technology has come a long way.


Stain-resistant carpet is great for pets as it provides a protective barrier that stops spills from sinking in. Our stain-resistant carpet options are also easy to clean, fast-drying, and odor-resistant. With some options, you can wipe up spills with just water.


Polyester and triexta carpets tend to repel water-based stains. Other fibers, like nylon, aren’t particularly great at fighting stains. However, carpet manufacturers can apply a stain treatment so that your new floor stays looking beautiful.


No matter what type of stain technology your carpet employs, it’s important to clean up spills as soon as you can. You should also avoid rubbing the stain to remove it. Instead, gently dab it to avoid pushing the spill deeper into the fibers.




Where Can I Install Carpet?

Carpet should be avoided in your bathroom or kitchen, but there are thousands of options for nearly every other type of interior space.


Resilient carpet made from synthetic fibers are proven performers in the commercial sector and are equally impressive in your home if you have a large family, resident pets, or the tendency to host large family gatherings. For the master bedroom, consider something plusher, adding texture, comfort, and incredible cushion.



What's Trending in Carpet Right Now?


Certain carpet trends have remained in style for years, not so much because they stand out, but because they work in almost every situation.




Can I Keep My Carpet from Fading?


Maintaining your carpet can reduce carpet fading and damage through the years, extending the life of your carpet.


Here are some easy ways you can keep your carpet’s colors bright:







Where's the Best Carpet Near Me?


As affiliates of Carpet One Floor and Home, the world’s largest independently owned flooring store co-op, Modern Carpet One proudly serves greater Annapolis, MD.


Our purchasing power spans over a thousand stores around the US, and we offer incredible value and service. We carry the best carpet brands, including:


Want to learn more about carpet installation in Annapolis? Please call us today to schedule your free carpet consultation.

Carpet Padding Means Business

Having the right carpet padding will set the stage for your floor's ongoing success, so it's a step you should never skimp on.
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Consider Carpet Tile

With carpet tile, keeping within the bottom line has never been prettier. . Carpet tile is extremely affordable and easy to keep, with options for home and work.
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Living room with fireplace and brown couch, beige carpet

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