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Natural Rug Fibers


At our Modern Carpet One Floor & Home showroom in Annapolis, we have a wide  . Along with our custom rugs, we also offer gorgeous rug brands, including the favorite:  Sisal Wool Rugs. Having “wool” in the name might tell you right away that a Sisal rug is high quality, and they are. Sisal wool rugs are a blend of natural wool fibers and sisal fibers that combine softness and durability in one product. Sisal comes from natural plant fibers that are durable and resistant to water.


Sisal wool Rugs are perfect for any room in your home whether it is your mud room, living room, dining area, or bedroom, Sisal Wool Rugs are anti-static, sound absorbent, and fire-retardant. This means that you can rest easy knowing your children are safe playing on this soft cushioning rug because there are no added chemicals.


Water Resistant Rugs


Sisal Wool Rugs are naturally resistant to dirt and water, which makes them incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike many synthetic fibers that need to be treated for stain resistance, these fibers have that naturally built in. Dirt does not cling to these hard natural fiber rugs, and instead rests loosely on the weave.  No longer do you have to stress about people tracking dirt into your home and ruining your rug, because all it takes is a quick vacuum to clean up. Sisal wool rugs are made of sustainable fibers that are easily renewable, whereas synthetic fibers are made up of complicated chemical components. 


Sisal wool rugs make for great area rugs and runners in your home. Their durability makes them an exceptional option for hallways and even as stair runners because they can withstand the constant traffic. If you are on top of the latest rug trends, then you know layering is in style. You can choose a sisal wool rug as your base and layer a colorful or patterned rug on top to add more dimension to your space.


Sisal Wool Rugs fibers are not only durable, but will last for years due to its natural wool strength. To learn more about Sisal Wool Rugs (or area rugs) at our Modern Carpet One Floor & Home store, call us today or visit our showroom in Annapolis, MD. Some of our popular rug brands include Prestige Mills, Stanton Naturals, Fibreworks, and Fabrica. We proudly serve Annapolis.


Top Rug Brands


area rug in living room



Couristan carpets offer a wide selection of area rugs that feature wool blend options. Their rugs come in many different shapes and sizes including runners.



Karastan’s wool rugs and carpet are highly regarded for their strength, durability, crush resistance, cleanabilty and comfort.

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Nourison features a collection of sisal rugs that come in natural, muted tones that you can complement an layer with more colorful rug options.  


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