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Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring Options

Seasons change, families grow, and schedules get more stretched. Thankfully, we can always rely on waterproof flooring to provide functional and fashionable options that work as hard as we do. Whether you prefer a hard-surface or soft-surface floor, you’ll discover unlimited possibilities here at Modern Carpet One Floor & Home. With stunning waterproof flooring options to fit every budget, lifestyle, and design vision, we have a floor you can feel great about. Want to learn more about waterproof floors? Visit us in Westminster or Ellicott City today and browse our waterproof flooring product displays.




Benefits of Waterproof Flooring

Unlike water-resistant surfaces, waterproof floors are 100% moisture-protected. With water-resistant floors, splashes here and there are okay, but too much exposure too often will cause damage. To get the most out of your floor, you can choose a waterproof choice that will be easy to clean and stress-free.




Waterproof Hardwood Flooring

There’s nothing quite like natural hardwood, but traditionally, this high-end floor was unfit for moisture-prone spaces. Since wood is naturally porous, it tends to absorb humidity and water, leading to warping. Not so much anymore – modern innovation has given us a better way with the world’s first waterproof engineered hardwood. Hydrotek™ merges hardwood’s character with the latest technologies, incorporating a splash-repellent surface and waterproof core.



Waterproof Carpeting

Once upon a time, if you longed for carpeting that could handle pets and moisture you were pretty much out of luck. These days, however, there are many options in the world of waterproof carpeting. Calling on individually-coated fibers to keep moisture safely out, these waterproof carpets are available in all of your favorite textures, patterns, and shades. We offer up many beautiful waterproof carpet options, including our Tigressá H20 and Resista collections. Waterproof carpet will become your next favorite flooring. Tigressá H2O™ is made for families who have children and pets in their home. The backing of the carpet protects your carpet padding and subfloor from moisture damage, and prevents stains and odors from sticking around.




Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Incorporating visuals inspired by natural hardwood and stone, waterproof vinyl flooring is a synthetic surface made to manage even your craziest days. Offered up in bold and durable planks and tiles, this flooring is made to fool the eye, without stretching your budget. Among our current inventory of wonderful waterproof vinyl planks and tiles are selections made by COREtec, Invincible H20, and Mannington Adura Max.


Luxury Vinyl: Made to look and feel exactly like natural wood and stone, vinyl is a number one flooring choice for busy homes and businesses.


Tile: Tile is a traditional choice for kitchens and bathrooms alike. It’s made to be durable and resistant to heat, moisture, and stains.


Carpet Flooring: Beyond waterproof carpet flooring, we also have stain-resistant, pet-friendly options and commercial carpet tiles.

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